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Hello, I'm Darryn Yates!

I am a husband and father of 3. I lived my dreams in music in Los Angeles & Nashville, but I never got the big break I thought I would. I then lived another dream in radio doing The Darryn Yates Show in St. Louis. Again, I never got the break that I thought I would.

I met my wife, started a family, gave up on my dreams, and entered the corporate world. I got fired at least 10 times and ended up at a rock bottom place. I was depressed & borderline suicidal. My wife was pregnant with kid #3 and I had 2 choices: stay on this dark path I felt myself being drawn to or figure this out, bounce back & crush it.

I chose the latter and started researching, soul-searching, and I realized my belief system and mindset was all wrong. I was grinding to impress someone else. I waited for someone else to give me permission to live the real vision I had for my life. The transformation started when I realized the person in the mirror is the only one I need permission from.

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